V I S I O N : 

The process of correctional is aimed to restore relationship, living and life support (social reintegration) which uphold the principle of protection, care and guardianship for the society.


M I S S I O N :

The process of correctional is aimed to optimize the implementation of the prisoner treatment and management of confiscated goods for law enforcement and human rights.


To prepare the correctional society so they can integrate to the society in order to be a free and responsible citizen (Based on law number 12 of 1995 article 3 about corrections).



A.  The Target of the treatment is to improve the quality of prisoners which in the beginning the quality was in shortcoming condition, those qualities are:

  1. The Quality of devotions to Almighty God

  2. The Intellectual quality

  3. The Quality of attitude and behavior

  4. The Quality of professionalism/skills and

  5. The Quality physical and spiritual health

 B.   The target Correctional system implementation is aimed for the realization of correctional purposes as a part of an effort to develop the strength of social and national environment. Also indicates the result that has been achieved in the implementation of correctional system. Those targets are : 

  1. The contents of Correctional House is lower than capacity.

  2. The decrease gradually from year to year of number of the fugitive and security intruders.

  3. The increase gradually of number of released prisoner through the process of assimilation and integration.

  4. The decrease of repeat offenders/recidivist.

  5. The increase the amount of institutions appropriated with type prisoner group.

  6. Gradually, the change of ratio in prisoners amount that work in industry and rehabilitation is 70:30.

  7. The amount percentage of sick and death is the same with the amount in the general society.

  8. The treatment cost is the same with amount of minimal needs of Indonesia people in common.

  9. Correctional institution is in clean and good condition

  10. To enhance the realization of treatment environment which provide human values in the correctional house and decreasing the prisoner amount in the correctional house.


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