Posted by: napi1708 | May 29, 2007

The Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights, Second letter from NAPI



  1. Chief of Supreme Court
  2. Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights

  3. Third Commission, Indonesian House of Representatives

  4. Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI)

  5. Indonesian Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM)

  6. National Media

Dear Sir, 

As broadcasted by Metro TV (Sunday Morning 27/5), as well as the national newspapers, H Muhammad Yassin, inmate of Palembang Detention Center, had experienced inhuman treatment: The Palembang District Court’s c/o The Board of Judges, whom handling his case, did not grant his permission to get an Emergency Leave (CLB) to attend his wife funeral, who died on May 25th 2007. 

While, the director of Palembang Detention Center, also refused Yasin’s request, due to Yassin’s prisoner status, as a detainee. Finally, his family brought his wife corpse to the Detention Facility, so that Yassin could see his wife for the last time. 

To the above prisoner rights circumscription, the Indonesia Prisoner Association (NAPI) express as follows: 

  1. Express a protest to the Palembang District Court’s Judge, who had refused Yassin’s request for Emergency Leave. The Palembang District Court Judge has violated the human rights

  2. Suggest the Supreme Court (MA) for re-evaluate this case, and bring an action against the Board of Judges who handled Yassin’s case. So the similar case would not be recurred in the future, and to remind the all Indonesian Judges, to understand the procedures of Emergency Leave (CLB) for detainee and inmate

  3. Insist the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to launch press release regarding the occurrence.

  4. Suggest the Third Comission, Indonesian House of Representatives to review this case in order not to be recurred in future.

  5. Insist on the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) to study this case, henceforth together with Indonesia Prisoners Association (NAPI) to solve this problem, according to rule and regulation which going into effect. The Minute of YLBHI, which said that, all human being have to be treated equally and made no difference, shall become the basis strength of YLBHI and to continue its supports for the needed

  6. Ask for the Indonesian Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) to conduct an investigation and announce such result to the public. To ensure the Indonesian Detainee and Inmate rights against circumscription, so that the Komnas HAM could play its role in preventing the detainee and inmate rights elimination.

  7. Expect the national media to continue cover this kind of case and to educate the detainee and inmate rights to public. To support public member which the rights is maltreated, to presume the media progressively tighten advocate function in the current democratize nature.

Thank you 

Prof Dr. Rahardi Ramelan MSc ME

(NAPI Secretary of Press/Speaker) 


  1. Chief of Palembang District Court.

  2. Director General of Corrections. Department of Justice and Human Rights.

  3. Director General of Human Rights. Department of Justice and Human Rights.

  4. Director of Palembang Detention Center.

  5. Director of Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI)


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