Ten Correctional Principles


Ten Correctional Principles: 

  1. To protect and to provide the offender with a proper and useful role in the community;

  2. Punishment is not a form of revenge by the State;

  3. To provide the offender/prisoner guidance on repentance, not incarceration;

  4.  The State shall not be responsible for the offender’s further deterioration;

  5. Loss of freedom should not constitute total isolation from the community, the offender must stay tuned to the rhythm of society;

  6. The offenders shall not be given jobs that benefit only the institution or state, the job should develop the offender’s skills;

  7. The educational aspect of correctional treatment must be paramount;

  8. Treat the offender/prisoner as a human being, their dignity and rights as humans must be respected;

  9. The offender/prisoner shall suffer punishment only in the form of loss of freedom;

  10.  All correctional structures and facilities must support the rehabilitative and educational function of the correctional system



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