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Sakit Diabaikan Napi LP Cipinang Meninggal

Sakit Diabaikan Napi LP Cipinang Meninggal.

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Metro TV and Murder

Sunday afternoon we watched Kick Andy, whose eponymous compere appeared to be broadcasting from within prison walls. (I say appeared because we missed the start, having enjoyed a programme on Trans 7 about fishing!)

Kick Andy
Kick Andy.

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Ihwal Hak Politik Mantan Napi


Oleh: Mulyana W Kusumah

Dalam pembahasan RUU Pemilu pekan lalu dikabarkan dua parpol besar yakni Partai Golkar dan PDI-P mengusulkan agar bekas narapidana lima tahun tidak kehilangan hak menjadi anggota DPR, DPD dan DPRD, dengan alasan penegakan hukum di Indonesia belum bisa dipertanggungjawabk an secara politik.

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by Iqrak Sulhin (Criminologist, University of Indonesia)

The fact that prison as a place to incarcerate criminals it does not mean it can violate other principle rights of the prisoners. In fact, much of national mass media, based on Indonesia’s Directorate of Correction (Dirjen Pemasyarakatan) early April 2007 release data about 813 inmate die in Indonesian prisons during year 2006. Meanwhile, during January until February 2007, there are 62 inmate die in prisons. These news also give an information that the death of the prisoners related to the worse conditions of prisons it self and the health of the prisoners.

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  1. Chief of Supreme Court
  2. Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights

  3. Third Commission, Indonesian House of Representatives

  4. Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI)

  5. Indonesian Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM)

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